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Walking a Dog Using A Self Balancing Scooter – Is It A Good Idea?

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Walking a Dog Using A Self Balancing Scooter – Is It A Good Idea

Self Balancing Scooters have exploded in popularity over the past year. With videos of people using them for a wide range of activities, it was only a matter of time before people walking their dogs would become a thing. Let’s take a moment to consider this and whether or not walking a dog with a self balancing scooter is a good idea.

Conditions To Consider

1. Temperament Of The Dog

A self balancing scooter is a terrible idea if your dog as a bad temperament. A bad temperament is demonstrated through them straining on their leash and bolting after small animals that they may see. Both of these behaviors may knock you off your self balancing scooter and make it dangerous to ride. Before considering it, make sure your dog has the right temperament for walking.

2. Familiarity With A Self Balancing Scooter

How familiar are you with a self balancing scooter? The more familiar you are, the easier it will be to walk a dog while riding along. There is a learning curve when it comes to using self balancing scooters and having a familiarity with them first can be incredibly useful if you want to eventually use them to walk your dog with. Be sure to walk your dog in places with few other distractions at first. This will give you the opportunity to become comfortable with a dog on a leash as you navigate using your self balancing scooter.

3. Battery Life

For a self balancing scooter to be good for dog walking, the battery life has to be long enough to last the entire length of the walk. The self balancing scooter will require some way to charge it prior to walking to ensure that any walk ends with you reaching your flat before you run out of power. You should review the models of self balancing scooters available to see what model can most easily be recharged and have the length of time necessary to last for your entire trip.

The Self Balancing Scooter Is A Good Idea For The Following Reasons

1. Excellent Option For Those Who Cannot Walk

Some dog owners do not have the physical ability to walk their dog every day. Making it easier for them, the self balancing scooter helps to keep them mobile with their canine friend without having to worry about the distance covered. When charged every day before the walk, there will typically be enough power to get you through a walk without any worries.


2. Self Balancing Scooter Is Light Weight

The majority of self balancing scooters on the market are light weight. This makes them easily portable from your second story flat and makes carrying them while walking your dog easy. In addition, if you need to stop riding the self balancing scooter at any point during your walk, they are light weight enough to carry for the remainder of your walk.

3. Durable Tires Provide Plenty Of Friction

Tire friction and durability is key when walking a dog. A dog may suddenly pull, requiring your self balancing scooter to provide the friction necessary to keep you in place. Thankfully, self balancing scooters provide the necessary friction to keep you and your dog in place, even if your dog suddenly starts pulling. While it will not protect you against your dog pulling like crazy, the tire durability and friction is more than enough if your animal is well behaved.

Remember, after a long walk it is best to allow you pet to rest on a comfortably. What better way to do that than to invest in a good dog bed. See our tips on choosing one here!

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