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Dog Etiquette Tips to Consider

Posted in Dog Training

Most of the pet lovers prefer to have dogs as their choice due to their cuteness and loyalty. Even though there are many options in the market, getting the trained dog will be a very good option to make. The dog will be useful for many purposes like security, avoiding the lonely time and so on. There are many categories of dogs from which the necessary one shall be chosen by the owner. Some of the dos and don’ts about the dog are listed here.

First is about the jumping of dog. It will be advisable to stop the dog from jumping on people as this has a lot of consequences. In case, the dog is heavy or big, then it might make the person fall and get hurt. This activity will make the person dirty. Apart from this, all there are possibilities of getting scratched by the dog’s nail that might require medical attention.

To avoid this, train the dog to be well mannered and welcome the people more politely rather than giving them a surprise jump. It is necessary to maintain the hygiene in the house as well as surroundings. So whenever the dog poops, it is necessary to pick it up and dispose it properly so that there are no issues. Especially, when the dog is taken for a walk, it is necessary to make sure the neighbour’s lawn is not made dirty by the dog. In case, any such thing happens, then do not hesitate to clean it up immediately.

The next important feature that has to be noted and controlled is the barking of dogs. The noise created by the dog is considered to be a hindrance by many neighbours. So it is the owner’s responsibility to control the dog, especially at the night times. Normally, the trained dogs will heed to the instructions provided by the master immediately. The person will be able to make the dog bark as well as stop it. Another idea that will be handy to solve this barking issue is using the bark collar. All the tips that are mentioned above are said to be very useful to make the dog favourite of many people.