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How to Keep Your Dogs out of Your Above Ground Pool

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It is always great to have a swimming pool at home. You can relax and enjoy the heat of the sun anytime you want. You don’t have to go anywhere just to feel the warmth of the water on your skin. The only problem with having a swimming pool at home is that you might risk drowning your pet dogs.

You are not always around to look after them. There are instances when they would decide to suddenly jump into the pool without knowing the consequences. Several reports have revealed that swimming pools at home could be risky for dog owners.

This is why you need to take into consideration the use of the best pool solar cover. Its main function is not necessarily to take your dog out of the pool, but it is one of the solutions available. With the use of the cover, your dog won’t easily drown in the water. It will simply stay floating on top. Of course, this also depends on your dog’s weight. The point is that you provide a shield to stop your dog from drowning.

Of course, you can always lock your dog inside the house or at least close the door leading to the pool. Chaining your dog is an option, but it is quite cruel so don’t think about it. If your dog can be trained, you have to show the perils of jumping into the pool so it won’t dare to do it again. However, if you have an extremely talented dog, you might as well train it to swim in the pool so that even if it jumps next time, it won’t cause a problem. Your dog can enjoy swimming just as much as you.

Other benefits

Even if you have to spend money in buying a solar pool cover, it is fine. You can still get tonnes of benefits from it. For instance, your water will heat up when you use it. The cover traps the heat from the sun, raising the temperature of a few degrees. It means that even if you decide to swim at night, the water is still warm.

You may also reduce energy cost if you don’t need a swimming pool heater. Electrically powered heaters for a huge pool may cost a lot of money. Your electric bill will drastically reduce the moment you start using solar covers.

Evaporation is also something that could happen if you leave the pool out in the open. Over time, water starts to escape. When you check your pool again, there is less water. You have to fill the pool again and this would cost you more. Chemicals may also evaporate. These chemicals are used in order to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. If they escape, you have to buy more chemicals. With the solar pool cover, the chemical consumption is reduced by up to 60%.

Finally, the cover also blocks debris from entering the pool. It means that cleaning it up becomes a lot easier and faster. You don’t even have to hire someone to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. The cover will take care of it. You just have to remove the cover and the falling debris will come with it.

In short, you will get a lot more from these solar covers aside from simply stopping your dog from drowning. They might cost a lot depending on the size of the pool, but it is perfectly fine. Besides, they are made from tough materials. It means that you can use them over again.

You should do everything for your dog

Dogs can be very playful. They even tend to do things we deem as stupid. Just remember they don’t really have a good sense of judgment. Sometimes, they end up doing things they will regret. Jumping into an open pool is one of their worst mistakes ever. Unfortunately for some dogs, this is something they won’t be able to survive. This is why you need to make sure they are totally protected. Solar pool covers are quite pricey, but you really could not put a price tag on the life of your beloved pet. Even if you need to invest more for items protecting your pet, you have to do it.

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How Technology Will Help Find Your Lost Pets

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How Technology Will Help Find Your Lost PetsHave you ever wondered about the different ways that emerging technology could help you find your lost pet? If you are a pet lover, there is a good chance that you have at least thought about this more than once. The fact is, nothing is worse than having a pet that is lost, especially if that lost pet is one that you have developed a strong bond with. The very idea of not knowing where they are or what has happened to them is enough to tear most pet owners apart. In a worst-case scenario, some pet owners never discover what has happened to their beloved friend and they are left to hope for the best while simultaneously fearing the worst. Fortunately, technology is changing the way that pets are searched for when they are lost. With that being said, pet owners must take advantage of the technology that is currently available and be open to new forms of technology that will undoubtedly come along in the near future.

If you have a pet, you are probably already very familiar with things like microchipping. This can help you find your pet even if it has been lost hundreds of miles away from home. However, it is not enough to merely have that microchip in place. It has to be registered with a current address and phone number so that someone can contact you if your pet is lost. Otherwise, it does absolutely nothing to have the microchip in place because no one will be able to reunite the two of you.

Drones also play an important part in finding your lost pet. There are a couple of different ways that this can happen. First and foremost, a drone can be used to explore areas that would otherwise be difficult for you to get into or when the search area would simply take too long to cover. They can be easily fitted with a camera and they can allow you to see your pet so that you visually know exactly where they are. This can dramatically cut down on the amount of time that you spend searching on foot and it can help you find your pet before anything bad happens to it.

Quadcopters can also be effective in another way. Eventually, there is little doubt that they can be incorporated along with these microchips that are currently placed in pets as a means of tracking the signal from above. This is not unlike the signal that is tracked on wild animals when researchers place a radio tag. The drone can receive information from the microchip, at least in theory, and then transmit that information back to individuals on the ground so that the animal’s location is known. It is then possible to keep tracking that animal while sending someone out to retrieve it.

A lot of people aren’t so excited about things in the information age but this is one thing that gives a lot of pet owners a good feeling. The idea that a drone could be used to help track a lost pet and reunite the family is something that any pet lover would be able to get behind. Chances are, it will become a mainstay of life for pet owners within the very near future.

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Can pets taste the difference when using a water softener?

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Can pets taste the difference when using a water softenerA lot of people are under the impression that water is simply water, and that there isn’t all that much difference between the water that you drink in London and the water that you drink in New York City, for example.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, the geological makeup of every specific area on the planet is going to have a tremendous impact on not only the composition and clarity of the water in a specific area, but it’s also going to have a tremendous impact on the overall taste and flavor of the water that you are drinking.

That’s because minerals are going to leach into the water (amongst other things), and certain municipalities may or may not have the filtration technology necessary to screen or eliminate all of that debris.

For the most part, you don’t have a lot to worry about when you are drinking, cooking with, or bathing in hard water. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of people prefer soft water – water that has been run through a water softener – and many of them prefer that their pets drink soft water as well.

Here is why!

Your pets are most definitely going to notice the difference (and so will you)!

Your pets are very much going to notice the difference between hard water and soft water, and to think that they would not is the height of lunacy.

After all, pets – especially dogs – have a much higher sense of smell, one of the biggest determining factors in how things taste. Because they are able to smell so much more and so much more intensely, they are going to be able to pick up on even the subtlest of flavor changes.

If you are able to pick up on flavor changes in hard and soft water (and you will be able to), so will day! In fact, they might even pick up on the changes long before you do, simply because their heightened sense of smell.

Water that has been softened is going to be cleaner and clearer

Pets are also going to notice that though hard water they have been drinking is a lot cloudier than the soft water is that they get to enjoy now.

Mineral deposits, debris, and other elements that a water softener is going to strip out of your water supply will leave behind a cloudy film (this is why dishes that have been cleaned with hard water don’t look all that clean after all). Your pets will notice – but it likely won’t matter to them all that much. After all, when they are thirsty, they’ll drink out of the toilet or a puddle in the road!

Water that has been softened is going to taste a lot better

At the end of the day, there are a lot of big benefits to install a water softener in your home for yourself – but there are just as many benefits to install a water softener in your home for your pets as well. This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, and you’ll want to make the move to install a water softener ASAP.

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Walking a Dog Using A Self Balancing Scooter – Is It A Good Idea?

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Walking a Dog Using A Self Balancing Scooter – Is It A Good Idea

Self Balancing Scooters have exploded in popularity over the past year. With videos of people using them for a wide range of activities, it was only a matter of time before people walking their dogs would become a thing. Let’s take a moment to consider this and whether or not walking a dog with a self balancing scooter is a good idea.

Conditions To Consider

1. Temperament Of The Dog

A self balancing scooter is a terrible idea if your dog as a bad temperament. A bad temperament is demonstrated through them straining on their leash and bolting after small animals that they may see. Both of these behaviors may knock you off your self balancing scooter and make it dangerous to ride. Before considering it, make sure your dog has the right temperament for walking.

2. Familiarity With A Self Balancing Scooter

How familiar are you with a self balancing scooter? The more familiar you are, the easier it will be to walk a dog while riding along. There is a learning curve when it comes to using self balancing scooters and having a familiarity with them first can be incredibly useful if you want to eventually use them to walk your dog with. Be sure to walk your dog in places with few other distractions at first. This will give you the opportunity to become comfortable with a dog on a leash as you navigate using your self balancing scooter.

3. Battery Life

For a self balancing scooter to be good for dog walking, the battery life has to be long enough to last the entire length of the walk. The self balancing scooter will require some way to charge it prior to walking to ensure that any walk ends with you reaching your flat before you run out of power. You should review the models of self balancing scooters available to see what model can most easily be recharged and have the length of time necessary to last for your entire trip.

The Self Balancing Scooter Is A Good Idea For The Following Reasons

1. Excellent Option For Those Who Cannot Walk

Some dog owners do not have the physical ability to walk their dog every day. Making it easier for them, the self balancing scooter helps to keep them mobile with their canine friend without having to worry about the distance covered. When charged every day before the walk, there will typically be enough power to get you through a walk without any worries.


2. Self Balancing Scooter Is Light Weight

The majority of self balancing scooters on the market are light weight. This makes them easily portable from your second story flat and makes carrying them while walking your dog easy. In addition, if you need to stop riding the self balancing scooter at any point during your walk, they are light weight enough to carry for the remainder of your walk.

3. Durable Tires Provide Plenty Of Friction

Tire friction and durability is key when walking a dog. A dog may suddenly pull, requiring your self balancing scooter to provide the friction necessary to keep you in place. Thankfully, self balancing scooters provide the necessary friction to keep you and your dog in place, even if your dog suddenly starts pulling. While it will not protect you against your dog pulling like crazy, the tire durability and friction is more than enough if your animal is well behaved.

Remember, after a long walk it is best to allow you pet to rest on a comfortably. What better way to do that than to invest in a good dog bed. See our tips on choosing one here!