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Month: December 2015

Why Early Puppy Training Is Essential?

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If you have brought a new puppy home, you would have realized that it has one of the most unpredictable behaviours. Running around the house at will, destructive chewing, barking, soiling anywhere and everywhere are some of the behavioural problems that a new puppy owner experiences. Untrained puppies are always a problem and this lead to homeowners packing it off to shelters. Domestic dogs can be trained, and it would be a better idea if you would bring home a trained puppy. Many are unaware of this option that is the cause of all problems.

Dog owners that are aware of trained puppies at the most look for housetrained and with some basic manners. So prefer their puppies to understand sit, down, come here, roll over and potty habits. Housetrained puppies are easy to maintain, yet many owners do not choose this option. Kennel dogs need to be trained to adapt to the incoming housetrained dogs. This can make them more adoptable. Earlier kennel staffs were stressed cleaning the soils of the dogs, but now they realized that a trained dog can give them more time for other constructive work. These trained dogs eliminate at a particular time in a trained location.

Puppy owners have to be educated about training. The top agenda on puppy’s list is to prevent predictable behavioural problems. This should start from the very first day the puppy lands home. Many puppy owners fail to understand the urgency of preventing behavioural problems. The advice often comes from pet professionals or veterinarians or trainers. Community-based training programs can help owners to understand the immediate need for pet training. Video training and Q&A sessions can prove beneficial. The behaviour of a puppy is predictable for the initial three months.

It is always better to start training at a tender age. Simple things like where to eliminate, when to bark, how long to bark, what to chew, how to play in the open, etc. have to be taught. It is easy to refrain the puppy from bad habits through proper training. Delay can only make the process harder and at times can become an impossible task. The habits get imprinted in the brain easily while young. These habits are hard to break. It is best to start housetraining for a puppy as early as three weeks. It is also advised to allow them to housetrain naturally. A Little training can go a long way in ensuring peace of mind.

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