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Month: October 2015

How Puppies Remind Of Toddlers?

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Dog lovers always related dogs to toddlers. The stages are similar, and the fun that comes with bringing up a puppy is amazing. The interaction challenges that puppies face is no different from toddlers. Just like toddlers make every task uphill so will the puppies give you tough challenges. For instance, while you talk them for a walk, they may refuse to budge, sit down, sniff, chase a flying paper or bark at strangers. The distractions are the same for both kids and puppies. They tend to get attracted to simple objects, and the goal gets diverted.

There is nothing wrong with these distractions, and it is common for a new puppy to behave in such manner. Just give them the time to understand the new world they have been adopted into. While taking them for walks do not fix a destination for walks. Allow them to walk as they please. Let them have fun, encourage them to explore and interact with strangers. This can give them a chance to learn new things and get to know adult human pace. Do not rush them through a walk as you have less time for yourself. Allow the furry angels to have fun, step in and out, grab, safe and be alive.

Puppies need enough sleep to be active. For this give them a quiet, dark and cosy location. Ensure there is no external stimulus. Similar to how toddlers get cranky when they want to sleep, similarly puppies also don’t settle down when they are devoid of sufficient rest. Again toddlers are keen on exploring new things. They climb, trip and fall and hurt themselves. There is a high possibility that your puppies also try these tricks and hurt themselves. Sometimes these tricks can be dangerous. There are instances where puppies have seriously injured themselves while trying to climb heights.

It is the tendency of toddlers to put things in their mouth. This is another risky habit. This condition is called oral fixation. It is just development stage. Teething is another major issue. Pups cannot resist chewing on things, and they start damaging furniture, shoes, doormats, etc. To prevent destructive chewing, it is important to buy them some chewable stuff so that they can satisfy their chewing instincts. Remove dangerous items from the vicinity of the puppy. Training the little ones on commands like drop and swap can be beneficial. This can avoid vet visits. Sometimes items have to be removed surgically, and it can be an ordeal for both the puppy and the owner.

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